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Predict Upsell & Churn

Patent Pending Predictive Behavioral Analytics for marketing uses AI to assess every significant interaction, predict an emotional profile for every customer, every day and their next likely behavior. This allows you to develop hyperpersonalied, empathetic growth strategies.

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for Empathetic Marketing

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Percentage of consumers who say that being treated empathetically is their biggest driver of loyalty



Contact Center Burnout

Proactively take action to drive growth and reduce churn

Data for Predictive Behavioral Analytics

PropensityLens uses operational data from your existing platforms to create the predictions:

  • Martech

  • CRM

  • CDP

  • CJM

Predictions of next likely behavior

The insights are delivered to your team in the systems of record and engagement that they normally work in allowing them to create hyperpersonalised segementation strategies.

Transformed Data

Understand what someone is likely to do next and critically WHY allows you to take proactive action to change the predicted behavior. Know what actions to take to increase upsell, reduce churn and drive retention.

What we are, and what we're not

With any new solution to the market, particularly ones as innovative as PropensityLens, it's often hard to differentiate between this and legacy solutions which you may already have. To help with this, we've added a simple guide to assist you. 

Anthrolytics Functionality

A system that uses operational data to understand the cumulative impact of experiences someone has and how that leads to behavioral outcomes.

We use data from your existing platforms to create proprietary behavioral predictions. This is data you already analyse, but with a twist!

We focus on the key drivers of behavior and allow you to be proactive. This generates significant ROI for your organisation.

It's not a survey platform, we give you data on everyone, every day without surveys. The data you receive is unbiased, complete and accurate.

We're not a text analytics platform but we can use data from these platforms to enhance their value to you.

We're not a system that provides simple analytics on what has happened. We give you forward looking prediction so you know what is likely to happen next.

Why is Empathetic Marketing Important?

Empathy is the biggest driver of loyalty. With more interactions happen digitally, it has become harder to understand the emotions created by your operations, yet your customers still expect you to understand how they feel. With Anthrolytics empathetic marketing becomes measurable and a contributor to the bottom line.

Human Decision Making

Our approach to customer engagement goes beyond traditional marketing segmentation. Imagine you're classified into a customer segment, say "Segment A1," based on predictive modeling. This categorization groups you with others who share certain characteristics, but it doesn't account for individual preferences and responses.


For example, within Segment A1, angry customers and happy customers are likely to react differently to the same marketing approach. Treating them identically could lead to dissatisfaction for both groups.

Our strategy emphasizes the importance of recognizing these differences. By identifying and understanding the unique needs and responses of each customer within a segment, we can tailor our interactions to meet their specific expectations.


This refined approach aligns with our enhanced golden rule: Treat customers not as you would like to be treated, but as they wish to be treated, placing them at the heart of our operations. This personalized engagement ensures a more satisfying and effective customer experience.

Case Studies


Increased ARPU by 75% for a B2C telecommunications company The client had ambitious goals for revenue growth. Anthrolytics undertook a study with the client to identify a cohort of customers that would be the target of an upsell campaign. After an initial analysis of what the customer base valued, we provided details of an empagraphic segment that we identified as likely to be ready for a plan upgrade, in a highly receptive mindset, and able to afford to spend a little more. A marketing campaign was launched to reach out to this group. Within the first month, the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for this segment improved by 79% and averaged at 80% for the following four months (without any additional marketing)

Reduced Churn by 11% for a top-5 retail bank With tens of millions of account holders, this international retail bank wanted to identify customers at risk of churn before they became symptomatic (i.e., they had already started to exhibit the behaviours associated with account closures). We developed an analytical solution to give insights into the emotional motivators of account holders that churned and allowed us to score a subset of accounts every day to identify those customers who may be approaching a behavioural threshold where they will decide to leave. By identifying the ‘at risk’ clients early and before they had decided to leave, the bank was able to take proactive steps to retain them and which reduced anticipated account closures by approximately 11%

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