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Predictive Behavioral Analytics

Predicting Tomorrow's Behavior Today

Patent Pending AI to assess every significant interaction, predicting an emotional profile for every customer or employee, every day and their next likely behavior.

Average attrition rate in contact centers, costing the industry $18bn a year



Contact Center Burnout
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Predict Behavioral Analytics Explained


Businesses today are demanding loyalty from customers and employees.

Their solution is AI enabled digital channels.

But 85% of your customers and employees place empathy as their biggest driver of loyalty

And to treat someone empathetically

you need to know how they feel.


Simplicity at its Core

We believe that any solution should achieve three things:


Predictions of next likely behavior

Intuitively Make Sense

Given that 80% of decisions are emotional and 87% of people say that empathy is their biggest driver of loyalty it makes sense that you need to know how every customer or employee feels about you, every day.

Data for Predictive Behavioral Analytics

Be simple to implement

We use anonymised data from your existing systems, transform it and send it back to those systems. Do you really need another system and dashboard to log into, or is it better to see the data where you already work?

Tranformed data for Predictive Behavioral Analytics

Deliver ROI

Cut employee turnover expenses by up to 30%, boost upsell earnings by 20%, decrease churn by 11%, or augment revenue per user by 78%. We can calculate a likely ROI for your business, speak to us to understand more.

This isn't another survey - this is AI

Use Cases

Anthrolytics PropensityLens is designed to predict the next likely behavior of customers and employees, using operational data that is resident within your organisation. Below are a few of the use cases that we deploy


Contact Center Attrition & Burnout

Every day you can see who's likely to resign in the next 30, 60, 90 days. Who's likely to take unplanned absence. Who should you be promoting. All delivered to the systems you use every day.

Drive growth

Why would you waste your time marketing to customers who don't like you? Bring your segmentation and customer contact strategies into real time. Start focusing your efforts to those people who are receptive to you. Increase revenue and reduce marketing costs.

Build exceptional employee engagement

Now you understand how the experiences your employees have that accumulate to determine behavior, you can develop strategies to create exceptional EX and deliver on your promise of exceptional culture.

Reduce churn

As you now have a real time view of what someone is likely to do in the future, proactively drive loyalty and retention campaigns. Imagine a world where you can predict who's likely to leave you, before they likely know themselves.


Built by Experts

Our founding team, with a rich legacy of over 50 years in the industry, has successfully spearheaded hundreds of engagements with some of the world's most prestigious companies. This wealth of experience assures our clients of reliable, top-tier solutions and a team they can trust.

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