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Meet Anthrolytics

Innovation driven by experience


A wealth of experience

Our team has guided 500+ enterprise analytics, CX and EX implementations for global blue chip companies. These transformational projects allowed us to understand challenges and how to meet them whilst delivering ROI

Leaders of disruption

This experience highlighted the limitations of existing solutions to meet the challenges companies face today. In response to this we've create a completely disruptive model: Predictive Behavioral Analytics

A spirit of collaboration

We focus on delivering solutions that intuitively make sense. They deliver ROI and allow you to get insights and take action within the systems that you already use. We collaborate, not compete.

Delivering on our Promise

At the heart of Anthrolytics lies a profound belief: in a world rapidly embracing digital transactions and navigating the complexities of hybrid work environments, the genuine connection between companies, their customers, and employees is at risk of fading away. This shift occurs even as businesses increasingly depend on the loyalty of their customers and workforce to thrive.

Anthrolytics introduces groundbreaking, patent-pending innovations designed to revolutionize how companies interact with their customers and employees. Our technology offers an unparalleled insight into the emotions and potential future actions of every individual, every single day,  harnessing operational data already present within your organization.

We solve real problems that every business has: Reducing customer churn and increasing CLTV, reducing employee attrition and improving employee engagement. These aren't just insights, these deliver significant ROI to your business.

Join us in redefining the future of business relationships, where technology and empathy converge to create a more connected world.

Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins
Peter Dorrington
Peter Dorrington

Industry-Leading experience guides us

David Avrin

A global leader in CX. Renowned speaker on the topic and author of four successful CX books.

Christopher Gopal

Former head of E&Y's supply chain practice. Member, US governments Defense Business Board.

Jessica Houston

Marketing Planning Lead, Easyjet. Former Global Marketing planning lead Body Shop. Ex PWC

Alan Linter

Group Consulting Director, FourNet. Former Head of Innovation & Solutions - Capita. 

David Paulding

Former SVP Intl, Talkdesk, CSO Odigo, CapGemini, VP EMEA Interactive Intelligence

Gp. Cpt. Nicholas Robson

Royal Air Force. 30 year career focused on human resources airspace regulation and logistics.

Bjoern Kaelin

Co-founder Anthrolytics. Former Global Head of Customer Insight and Loyalty Management Lafarge Holcim. Ex Head of Media Relations KPMG.

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