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Partner Program

Patent Pending Predictive Behavioral Analytics  uses AI to assess every significant interaction, predict an emotional profile for every customer or employee, every day and their next likely behavior.

Partnering with Anthrolytics delivers innovation to your clients and revenue to your organisation.

Stronger Relationships

Why Partner with Anthrolytics

Partner with Anthrolytics

Innovative Solutions at the Forefront: Partnering with Anthrolytics sets you apart by showcasing your commitment to pioneering solutions, driving new logo leads and upsell opportunities. Our unique approach not only enhances your service offerings but also signifies to your clients that innovation is at the heart of what you do.

Partner with Anthrolytics

Reselling Anthrolytics drives ROI for your clients and Revenue for your company: The opportunity to resell Anthrolytics introduces a SaaS platform to your clients that solves significant business challenges, delivers a significant ROI and also establishes a steady stream of recurring revenue for your business. 

Partner with Anthrolytics

Unlock Multiple Revenue Streams: By reselling the Anthrolytics platform, you're not just offering a cutting-edge solution; you're opening the door to new revenue opportunities for your integration, consulting, and training teams. Anthrolytics is committed to a partner-centric model, empowering you to deliver a comprehensive suite of services, from seamless implementation to ensuring customer success. This approach not only secures a reliable stream of SaaS recurring revenue but also unveils numerous additional avenues for financial growth

Partnership Models

A Partnership That Grows With You

At Anthrolytics, we believe in fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our partners, offering a flexible and rewarding partnership program designed to suit your business model and scale your success. Whether you're looking to make introductions, resell our product, provide value-added services, or integrate our solution into yours, we have a partnership level tailored just for you.

Referral Partner

Earn by Introducing: Ideal for those who have strong networks and wish to leverage them, our Referral Program rewards you with commissions for every successful introduction. It’s a simple, risk-free way to benefit from your connections, with minimal commitment and maximum reward.

Reseller Partner

Expand Your Portfolio: As a Reseller, you'll have the opportunity to include Anthrolytics in your product lineup, offering your clients a unique solution that stands out. This partnership level is perfect for businesses looking to enhance their offerings and drive revenue without the complexities of implementation.

Value-Added Reseller

Deliver Comprehensive Solutions: Elevate your role from a reseller to a consultant by becoming a Value-Added Reseller. This level is designed for partners who wish to resell, implement, and consult, providing a full-service solution to their clients. You’ll not only benefit from the sale but also from the value you add through implementation and consulting services, deepening client relationships and increasing your revenue potential.

OEM Partner

Incorporate Innovation: For those looking to seamlessly integrate Anthrolytics into their own products, our OEM partnership offers the chance to white label our platform. This option allows you to enhance your offerings with our innovative technology under your brand, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Join Our Partner Ecosystem


By partnering with Anthrolytics, you unlock a world of opportunities. From generating new revenue streams to enhancing your product offerings and delivering unparalleled value to your clients, our partnership levels are designed to align with your business strategy and growth objectives. Together, let's drive success and innovation.

Partner Showcase

Verint Logo

Adding Value to Verint Solutions: 

As a Marketplace partner, Anthrolytics adds value to Verint solutions by integrating into their platform. This solves a unique challenges that Verint clients have with the Anthrolytics data presented within the existing dashboards that Verint clients already use; no additional logins or proprietary dashboards.

View the Anthrolytics marketplace listing here:

Verint Integration
Verint Integration
Verint Integration
Op360 Logo

Extending OP360’s capabilities:

Op360 are a US-headquartered BPO with over 5,000 employees, providing nearshore and offshore support to ambitious companies. They have a significant focus on employee engagement and as a result are growing at more than 59% YoY.

Op360 partners with Anthrolytics to give their clients access to professional, cost-effective services and solutions to help ambitious companies be able to procure innovative solutions with the confidence of being backed by a significant organisation.

View the Anthrolytics page on the Op360 website here

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