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Patent Pending Predictive Behavioral Analytics for Employee Experience uses AI to assess every significant interaction, predict an emotional profile for every team member, every day and their next likely behavior.

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Predict Employee Engagement

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Increased economic output for a 10,000 person organisation with an engaged workforce



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Proactively take action to increase productivity & engagement

Data for Predictive Behavioral Analytics

PropensityLens uses operational data from your existing platforms to create the predictions:

  • HCM

  • WFM

Transforming Data

The insights are delivered to your team leaders and  leadership in the existing systems that they use every day, avoiding another system to log into. 

Predicted Behavior

Understand what someone is likely to do next and critically WHY allows you to take proactive action to change the predicted behavior and create a people-centric workplace. Know what actions to take to prevent burnout, unplanned absence and attrition. 

What we are, and what we're not

With any new solution to the market, particularly ones as innovative as PropensityLens, it's often hard to differentiate between this and legacy solutions which you may already have. To help with this, we've added a simple guide to assist you. 

Anthrolytics Functionality

A system that uses operational data to understand the cumulative impact of experiences someone has and how that leads to behavioral outcomes.

We use data from your existing platforms to create proprietary behavioral predictions. This is data you already analyse, but with a twist!

We focus on the key drivers of behavior and allow you to be proactive. This generates significant ROI for your organisation.

It's not a survey platform, we give you data on everyone, every day without surveys. The data you receive is unbiased, complete and accurate.

We're not a speech or text analytics platform. We can use data from these platforms to enhance their value to you.

We're not a system that provides simple analytics on what has happened. We give you forward looking prediction so you know what is likely to happen next.

Why Predicting Engagement is Critical

With 86% of employees saying that being treated empathetically is the key driver of loyalty and productivity it is critical for employers to understand the emotional state of every employee, every day. Add to this that 79% of employees who trust their employer are less likely to quit and happy employees being 12% more productive the economic imperative of this is indisputable.

Most data science models use cause and effect: If someone experiences one thing, then they are likely to exhibit a particular behavior. This is the inherent weakness of using speech or text analytics platforms to try to predict emotion and behavior.

The truth is that it is the cumulative impact of experiences which drive behavior. Added to that 85% of all decisions are emotional and so you need to be able to understand emotion and cumulative impact.

This is where Anthrolytics' proprietary model which combines behavioral data science to predict an emotional profile for every person, every day and the cumulative impact of experiences outperform other models. 

Propensity Disposition for Predictive Behavioral Analytics
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