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Predictive CX

Patent Pending Predictive Behavioral Analytics for marketing uses AI to assess every significant interaction, predict an emotional profile for every customer, every day and their next likely behavior. This allows you to humanize digital interactions and step ahead of your competitors.

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Dynamically Humanize Interactions

Data for PBA

PropensityLens uses operational data from your existing platforms to create the predictions:

  • CRM

  • CDP

  • CJM

  • Intelligent Routing

Predictions for Predictive Behavioral Analytics

The predicted behaviors are delivered to your CJM, bots or routing engines to ensure that these systems interact with your customers according to their predicted next behavior. Rather than one size fits all you treat everyone as the individual they are.


Understand what someone is likely to do next and critically WHY allows you to take proactive action. This means you can dynamically change their experience based upon their next likely behavior. 

What we are, and what we're not

With any new solution to the market, particularly ones as innovative as PropensityLens, it's often hard to differentiate between this and legacy solutions which you may already have. To help with this, we've added a simple guide to assist you. 

Anthrolytics Functionality

A system that uses operational data to understand the cumulative impact of experiences someone has and how that leads to behavioral outcomes.

We use data from your existing platforms to create proprietary behavioral predictions. This is data you already analyse, but with a twist!

We focus on the key drivers of behavior and allow you to be proactive. This generates significant ROI for your organisation.

It's not a survey platform, we give you data on everyone, every day without surveys. The data you receive is unbiased, complete and accurate.

We're not a text analytics platform but we can use data from these platforms to enhance their value to you.

We're not a system that provides simple analytics on what has happened. We give you forward looking prediction so you know what is likely to happen next.

Teaching Bots to be Compassionate

Empathy is the biggest driver of loyalty. With more interactions happen digitally, it has become harder to understand the emotions created by your operations, yet your customers still expect you to serve them based upon how they feel about you. So, how can Bots be compassionate?

Teaching Bots to be Compassionate

Elevate your service bots with our groundbreaking integration, designed to infuse third-party bots with unparalleled empathy, transforming them into more understanding and human-like companions. In the digital domain, fostering authentic connections is a significant challenge due to the absence of direct human interaction. Our solution transcends this barrier, enriching bots with the ability to genuinely understand and relate to users.

The essence of our technology lies in its capability to marry cognitive empathy with compassionate action. It enables bots to recognize a user's emotional state, such as frustration or happiness, and understand the causative factors. Following this deep comprehension, the bot then initiates appropriate, considerate actions tailored to the user's emotional needs, mirroring the thoughtful and caring responses characteristic of human empathy.

By seamlessly integrating this dual empathetic approach with your existing bots, our product doesn't merely mimic the appearance of empathy; it embodies it, making decisions that align with what users genuinely value. This innovative integration transforms standard service bots into empathetic entities that interact with users in a manner that is both emotionally intelligent and genuinely human-like, revolutionizing digital interactions.

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