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The Data Analytics Perspective of Digital Empathy: Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning for Predictive Behavioral Analytics

Do you want to know how your customers really feel about your products and services? Do you wish to identify customer concerns and provide some proactive support to them, to ensure customer satisfaction is at its best? Or do you want to predict the future behaviour of your customers, enabling your business to maximise the effectiveness of your efforts and experience improved financial performance?

You have come to the right place! At Anthrolytics, we are a team of inter-disciplinary experts, with a proven track record of success in both industry and academia. Our unique value proposition is underpinned by real-world industry experience, latest technological advancements, rigorous scientific academic research… and empathy!

We help organisations realise the value hidden within their customer databases to take predictive behavioural analytics to the next level. We do this by closely working with you and your customer databases and by using the best-in-class, top notch data science techniques. The insights we provide are always actionable.

The promise of Behavioural Data Science in delivering CX Innovation

We understand that investing in the human element is key to delivering CX innovation. The hype around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has seduced many but delivered to few. “Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die”. The truth is that many companies dream big and invest in moon-shot projects, but most of the times they rely on consultancy that fails to live up to expectations. One of the main reasons for setbacks experienced by companies in this sense is when ‘moon-shot’ proposals are backed by scientifically unsound solutions. A moon-shot project is going 10X bigger or better than any other project on the market. Nothing wrong with that. But the promise of highly profitable, ground-breaking projects can only be materialised if delivered by the right people with the right tools with the right amount of hard work. We are those right people with the right tools and we do that hard work for you.

Because used in the right way, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help transform your company for the better. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning systems can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as pattern recognition and anomaly detection, data mining, predictive modelling and analytics, conversational systems, and customer segmentation, just to name a few. One of the areas where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have shown particular capability is in the area of facial recognition and text-based emotion and sentiment analysis.

Our solutions involve novel combinations of methods and collaborations in machine learning (deep learning), computational approaches and computer graphics, mathematics and simulations, predictive analytics and behavioural science, to develop real-time computational models to detect and learn human emotion and behaviours.

The ‘jaggedness principle’ – there is no such thing as average client

We understand that both our clients and our clients’ customers are very diverse and unique and have certain ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. This is why we focus on improving business productivity through inclusive end-user experiences.

There is no such thing as average client for us. While we do believe in the existence of some basic patterns of individuality, we also know that people and their behaviours are complex and cannot be reduced to a simplistic one-dimensional measure. Instead, we look at your company and your clients as a whole entity, within their multiple dimensions, and provide tailored solutions that accommodate your unique circumstances.

Among others, we can help you build a competitive and strategic advantage by transforming your customer data into actionable knowledge via building:

· Algorithms and systems to help your business detect and predict the emotions you create in every customer every day.

· AI solutions to help your business detect customer satisfaction so that you can maximise it, as well as customer dissatisfaction, so that you can reduce it or eliminate it altogether.

· Recommendation systems that increase personalisation and humanise customer engagement.

· Data-driven customised plans that take into account your customers’ profiles.

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