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Revolutionizing Workplaces: Anthrolytics’ Predictive Behavioral Analytics Tackles Employee Absence and Attrition

In a world increasingly attuned to the mental well-being of its workforce, businesses, especially within the realm of contact centers and the public sector, face the escalating issue of unplanned absences and a high rate of employee attrition. This leads not only to a depletion of morale but also a substantial financial burden, which amounts to approximately $6 billion annually in contact centers alone.

The problem quantified:

A recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Simplyhealth revealed stress as a monumental factor influencing both short and long-term absences. The survey showed that over 76% of organizations witnessed stress-induced absences over the preceding year, with intensive workloads being the predominant cause at 67%, followed by management style at 37%.

Conducted in March and April 2023, the Health and Wellbeing at Work research scrutinized the prevailing trends in employee health, well-being, and sickness absence rates across 918 organizations, representing a substantial 6.5 million employees. Among the myriad reasons for long-term absence, mental ill health surfaced as the leading factor at 63%.

The need for innovative approaches to Well-being:

CIPD advocated for a more holistic, preventive approach to workplace health. "Managing the primary risks to people’s health from work is pivotal. We necessitate strategies focusing on preventing stress and early interventions to curb health issues from escalating," stated a representative from CIPD.

Anthrolytics’ Pioneering Solution:

Given this increasing problem the role of Predictive Behavioral Analytics by Anthrolytics becomes an imperative. Integrated as a critical component of employee well-being strategies, this innovative tool enables organizations to discern which employees are in imminent need of interventions. It furnishes a daily predictive emotional profile for every employee and meticulously identifies those treading the path towards unplanned absence and, in grave circumstances, resignation.

Commercial and Humanitarian Impact:

Beyond the evident commercial advantages, there's a significant humanitarian aspect intertwined with this groundbreaking technology. By pinpointing potential issues in their nascent stages, organizations can facilitate early interventions, thereby fostering a more supportive and harmonious workplace environment.

Strategizing for a Healthy Workplace:

Anthrolytics' revolutionary approach allows organizations, particularly those within the public sector and contact centers grappling with heightened attrition and absence levels, to swiftly act upon these insights. This swift action is not merely an operational imperative; it’s a commercial necessity to alleviate the costs associated with high attrition rates and to engender a more resilient and productive organizational culture.


The advent of Predictive Behavioral Analytics by Anthrolytics marks a paradigm shift in addressing the pressing issues of unplanned absence and employee attrition. It transcends conventional methodologies, offering a more dynamic, preemptive approach to managing employee well-being. In an era where stress-induced absence is rampant, embracing such advanced solutions is not only beneficial—it’s imperative for fostering a robust, healthy, and harmonious work environment.

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