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Why empathy will win the war for contact centre talent

12th July at 14:00 BST

(15:00 CEST)

The world of work has changed dramatically over the last 5 years, and tried and trusted people management techniques are failing to attract new agents. In addition, the employee experience is also suffering, leading to more unplanned absences and resignations. All of this is impacting the operations of contact centre operators (whether in-house or outsourced).


But what if you could predict how your employees are feeling, including remote workers? and which employees are thinking of leaving, or are ready for a step up? And what if you could identify what motivates your best agents and use that to recruit new ones?

In this webinar, Peter Dorrington of Anthrolytics and Sam Richardson of Twilio talk about how new technologies and approaches can help understand the motivations behind employee behaviours, even where remote / hybrid working is the norm.

We will cover:

- Why employees choose to join or leave a company

- the drivers of employee experience

- the role of empathy in optimising the employee lifecycle and predicting unplanned absences or resignations

- The link between employee experience, customer experience, and the bottom line

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