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Consumer Behaviours and Motivations

In this white-paper, the Peter Dorrington, inventor of Predictive Behavioural Analytics and Kathryn Gilfoyle, a PHD researcher in Cyber Psychology, explore why people shop and how they choose between products and brands.

If there is one thing we can say with certainty, it is that people are not wholly rational. Indeed, neurobiology studies have concluded that emotions play a vital role in decision-making and therefore the observable behaviours of consumers.

This paper aims to explain the factors and motivations which collectively contribute to consumer behaviour; in other words, what customers1really care about, why, and how that contributes to their purchasing decisions.

This white-paper is relevant to any brand that operates in a business-to-consumer (B2C) environment, including retail, telecommunications, financial services, utilities, and so on, and especially those to whom customer loyalty and lifetime value are strategically important.



Empathy is essential to better understand customers. Applying it at scale opens up the next frontier in retention and growth.

Research shows that emotions are the key factor when making a decision. Without any emotions we are not able to decide. This is an essential insight when deciding how to do business in an organisation with scale. How about if you'd know how your customers feel before they tell you? And how about you knew what actions they would take next? And how about you can do that every day, for every customer at every vital touchpoint in their journey?

Download our White Paper on Digital Empathy and how, together with Predictive Behavioral Analytics at scale, companies can become more Empathetic and create a sustainable positive impact on the bottom line.

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