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April 14, 2021

Research shows: empathy is the biggest driver of loyalty. With most interactions happen digitally, it has become harder to understand the emotions created by your operations. Your customers still expect you to understand how they feel.

Digital Empathy enables you to meet customers where they are by turning the Golden Rule on its head. Instead of: “Treat customers the way you want to be treated yourself”; it applies: “Treat customers the way they want to be treated themselves.” That philosophy is a significant shift and very important for doing business.

Behind are a unique mix of people who apply science to bring projects to life that combine the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to pragmatically apply in business. The team is led by Jonathan Hawkins, Peter Dorrington, Björn Kälin, Prof. Dr. Mils Hills and Prof. V. Charles. Their track record spans across many industries, sectors, academia, and geographies. The team have significant leadership experience, bringing teams and clients to new success.

Predictive Behavioral Analytics is a new way of combining data science with behavioral science to understand and predict human behavior. As proven by Neuroscience: all human decisions contain some emotion (which is not to say that all human decisions are emotional). However, our approach considers a range of factors that contribute to how we evaluate a situation and make a decision:

  • The task and the context (what stimulated us to act, what we want to do)

  • What we need (rational criteria like price, convenience)

  • What we want (emotional criteria like increased happiness, less fear)

  • Internal biases (such as behavioral or unconscious biases)

  • External influences (like recommendations, star ratings and so on)

  • Personal experience (what we expect, based on upon our prior history)

Ideal for B2C & B2B organizations where a higher Customer Life Time Value (CLTV) is a strategic necessity.

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